Terms of Services

Guidelines for guaranteed lowest roof pricing when comparing with another roof quote. The comparison must be an “Apples to apples” comparison (Example: If Cash Affordable Roofing offers Owens Corning Shingles for project it must be the same for the competitor’s quote). The competitor’s quote must list all the items they will be installing in the quote including, type of felt, shingle brand, ridge shingles, starter shingles, water and ice shield, and all other accessories. Measurements must also be included. Cash Affordable Roofing is not obligated to match the competitor’s line item list but the competitor must match Cash Roofing’s line item list in an “Apples to Apples” comparison. The competitor must include a valid manufacturer’s warranty and be able to provide proof of business insurance of at least $2 million. All roofing crew members installing the roof must all have a valid United States social security number. The competing roofing company must provide proof existing as an established full-time business as an LLC or Corporation for the past 2 years. The person submitting the quote cannot work for, be related to or have any affiliation with the competing roofing company to submit the quote. A false or phony quote created only for the purpose to beat our pricing is not valid. The person submitting the quote must be able to provide proof of purchase from the competitor (signed contract & completion of roofing project). All determinations by Cash Roofing. The lowest price guaranteed are for those who pay only cash for their roof. Financing or Best Roof pricing does not qualify for the lowest price guarantee. Person will not receive cash value for beating our “guaranteed lowest price”.